Importing a car

Car Wash on the North Road Photo

Car Wash on the North Road

New cars are more expensive in Madeira than in other countries or in the mainland because of the transport costs and a stiff import fee from the Customs office. You will see some nice old timers as well as 70`s cars in good shape on our streets – they are valuable and will be maintained for longer.

If you have had a car for longer than one year in your name at home and want to bring it over, it is possible to avoid the car import tax. We need the car documents to see how to get it imported in the least expensive manner.

Jeeps used to be considered a workhorse and not a recreational vehicle until recently; this is why many Madeirans own a Jeep or SUV. If you want to try out your skills on the steep roads on the island, these are the right kind of wheels for it.