About Madeira

Portugal is politically and economically stable; Madeira is autonomous and has a conservative government with a strong voice on the mainland. Charter flights from all major airports in the UK arrive Mondays (about 3.5 hrs.) and there are daily flights to Lisbon and Oporto (about 1.5 hrs.). The telecommunication systems on the island are of the latest technology as the fibre cables from the Americas arrive in Europe via Madeira. Phone links also benefit from satellite connections.

Cottage in Faja do Mar Photo www.madeiraarchipelago.com

Cottage in Faja do Mar
Photo http://www.madeiraarchipelago.com

The mild climate – all year round, due to the Gulf stream – and the beauty of Madeira’s landscape have always attracted international tourists. Tourism is the main economic source for the island, and the kindness of its inhabitants is legendary. Life here is safe and cosmopolitan, and the island is constantly evolving. Madeira’s legendary laurel forest, the Laurisilva, has been accepted as a UNESCO world heritage, and the inhabitants of Funchal hope that their old town will also be included soon.