Property purchase – yes or no?

This will be interesting: a new German client wants to live on Madeira Island

Calheta district at Madeira island

Calheta district at Madeira island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and to buy two renovated  barns in Calheta surrounded by around 1000 m2 land. Nice photos, all very tempting – but are the buildings registered in their new state; do they have a habitation license? Without that, all renovation is useless – the owner could use them as weekend retreat but never sell them. The client took my suggestion; we ordered a property evaluation which will show if the house documents are up to date with the Finance and the Calheta City Hall. If not, they cannot be bought, as beautiful as they may be. Property purchase can be tricky, but we can insure against surprises be involving the right experts.


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